International Workshop


The WaterWorks2014 IMDROFLOOD (Improving Drought and Flood Early Warning, Forecasting and Mitigation using real-time hydroclimatic indicators) project organized an international workshop addressing the theme of hydroclimatic extremes and impacts at catchment to regional scales.

The workshop had more than 40 participants from seven countries.


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9:30    Introduction to IMDROFLOOD (scope, tools, applications)Sergio Vicente Serrano

10:00    Long-term changes in drought indices in the Eastern EuropeJaak Jaagus

10:20    The use of copulas in the scope of IMDROFLOODAndreia Ribeiro

10:40    Seasonal Forecasts of drought conditionsEmanuel Dutra (Invited)

Coffee Break

11:30    Radar-derived convective storms climatology for Prut River Basin: 2003–2017Sorin Burcea, Roxana Cică, Roxana Bojariu

11:50    Improving local probabilistic forecast of extreme rainfall for hydrological modellingJaime Ribalaygua

12:10    Extreme rainfall events over the Limpopo River basinChris Reason

12:30    A fully integrated tool to analyze flow-structure interaction during flood eventsOrlando García Feal

 Lunch break

14:30   Extreme events in Geosciences from historical documentsJosé M. Vaquero (Invited)

14:50  Changes in the statistics of spring high and summer low water Estonian Rivers —  Mait Sepp

15:10   The role of atmospheric rivers in the Atlantic Basin Alexandre Ramos

Coffee Break

16:00   An Early Warning System of Flood Hazards based on Precipitation ForecastDiego Novoa, Jose Gozález Cao

16:20    Hydrological extremes in high resolutionclimate change scenarios — Pedro Soares (Invited)

16:40   Discussion and Closure

Poster session

11:00 – 11:30 and 15:30-16:00

Droughts in brazilian semiarid at different temporal scale: intensity, magnitude, duration and frequency —T. M. C. Studart, M. M. Portela, L. F. Muniz, J. N. Campos

Rogation ceremonies in extremadura region and the NAO index— N. Bravo-Paredes, M. C. Gallego, F. Domínguez-Castro, J. M. Vaquero

The impacts of drought in agricultural productivity. An analysis at different scales for the two major rain-fed crops in Spain — M. Peña-Gallardo, S.M. Vicente-Serrano, S. Beguería-Portugués, F. Domínguez-Castro

Droughts in San Fernando (SW Spain) during the last 150 years
C. Lara, M.C. Gallego, J.M. Vaquero

Heavy rainfall and landslides in January 1831 at Pedregoso Mountains (Cabeza del Buey, SW Spain) — J.P. García-Garrido, M.C. Gallego, T. Palacios, J.M. Vaquero

Analysis the response of mountainous catchments during storm events using IberPLUS —    J.G. Cao, J.M. Domínguez, D.Fernandez, O. García-Feal y M. Gomez-Gesteira

Extreme rainfall predictability in Ebro basin (Spain) according to downscaled ECMWF EPS by two-step analog-transference method — J. Ribalaygua, J. Pórtoles, E. Gaitán, R. Monjo, L. Torres, R. Trigo

Extremely hot summers preceded by spring droughts in the Mediterranean — Russo et al.

Assessment to vulnerability of agriculture to drought in mainland Portugal — Alonso et al.

Modelling of drought-related crop losses in Iberia using multiscalar and remote sensing indices — Ribeiro et al.

High-resolution spatial assessment of vegetation shifts in Portugal since 1982 — Páscoa et al.


Instituto Dom Luiz

Faculdade de Ciências, Campo Grande, Lisboa

Workshop will take place at the LIBRARY located in the 1st  floor of Building C1.