Working plan

The project is organized in eight Work Packages (WP) and it uses a transdisciplinary approach that includes innovative in-depth studies that combine drought and flood analyses from local to river basin levels.

  • WP1: Management.
  • WP2: Spatial and Temporal Data Infrastructure. This will support collecting, storing, visualizing, retrieving and disseminating all the required datasets to cover the requirements of other WPs.
  • WP3: Development of drought indices for sectorial applications. The WP will develop drought indices from new sensors, networks and satellite imagery and to determine their usefulness to identify sectorial impacts at the basin scale.
  • WP4: Short and medium term meteorological forecasting. To develop and validate probabilistic short and medium-term operative meteorological predictions.
  • WP5: Integrated tool for flood prediction. Integrations of meteorological forecasting with calibrated hydro-ecologic and hydrodynamic models.
  • WP6: Vegetation vulnerability and ecosystem services to reduce flood and drought risk.
  • WP7: Drought and flood monitoring and early warning systems. Their expected outcomes constitute the main technological output of IMDROFLOOD.
  • WP8: Dissemination, capacity building and cross-thematic research.